Last Tuesday night rural Faribault resident Lindsey F called out to her 4 pet dogs at dinnertime and no one came running. After about a day, three of her dogs were found near a neighbor's home, one of those dogs had been shot. The dog that was shot, was expected to survive. Well, 5 days later the last dog, a 6-month-old puppy named Misfit was found and reunited with her family.

According to Lindsey: Misfit was "located south" of where she lives, and after 5 days Misfit was "completely clean" with only "her paws" being the real dirty part of the missing pup. Misfit was found non-injured but quite hungry. Lindsey also let us know that her other three dogs were also happy to have the pup back home.

On Friday of this week, the Faribault Police Department posted this to their Facebook page in regards to various reports of missing dogs on social media.


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