A miniature wiener dog has returned to his home in Southern Minnesota three weeks after he disappeared.

According to KARE-11 News, The Norwood Young America couple, Matt and Mandi Rademacher, have three dogs, which includes the long-haired dachshund Oliver. It all started on Christmas Eve as the Rademachers let Oliver outside to do his thing. A loud noise scared him off.

As the days passed there was still no sign of Oliver. The Rademachers even left out his kennel on their porch with blankets inside of it, along with his favorite toys in hopes to lure the lost pooch back.

It was about three weeks later as Matt was letting one of their other dogs out in the morning that something scared the dog. It was Oliver. Matt Rademacher told KARE-11 that during the time Oliver was missing the temps "got down to -15 a couple nights, really, really cold snaps and one night it even rained. It's like, well he's a long-hair. If he gets wet and it's that cold, what are the odds of him surviving?"

Other than a wound to Oliver's backside, and some weight loss which he is gaining back, Oliver seems fine to the family.

Where Oliver was, no one really knows. One thing we can say though is that Oliver is one lucky dog.

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