If there's any school district wondering if Robotic Teams are worth it, read this story. These teams have been amazing additions to our schools, but if you're still not convinced, the way these Minnesota students helped a neighbor should put you firmly on the pro-side.

A two-year-old named Cillian Jackson has a genetic condition making it hard to get around, and his parents thought it'd be great to get him a wheelchair. But have you seen the cost of a wheelchair? Thousands of dollars. They checked with insurance, nope. Not covered.

That's when the Farmington High School Robotics Team stepped in. They're called Rogue Robotics 2987, and they got in touch with the University of Deleware because they have experts in just this field. What happened? A plan. An awesome plan.

They modified a Power Wheels Toy, kicking it a notch big time.  Adding a much better seat, new electronics, and made a joystick with a 3D printer and gave it to Cillian for Christmas last year/ It's in the news now Cillian's parents just visited the school.

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