A 12-year-old girl is in foster care and her social worker says she has a gift for music, but there was no way her foster parents afford to buy her a flute. They have a never-ending supply of love, but foster families frequently have tight budgets. She outta luck, right? Nope. Say hello to Julie Ledy of Roseville, MN.

Julie Ledy found a way to grant that wish...and at least 50 other wishes since she started Adoption is Love: “Helping Children by Creating Families and Granting Wishes to Minnesota Foster Kids." Kevyn Burger wrote a fantastic piece in the Star Tribune that tells the story of her loving heart, a powerful will to turn that love into action, and the kids in foster care. ,


Most wishes are for everyday things you and I might not think of, like the flute, a bike or senior pictures. That's right, senior pictures. Kevyn wrote about Alicia and how something so normal as senior pictures was so out of reach:

Ledy…worked her contacts to connect Alicia with a professional makeup artist, a portrait photographer and the owner of studio space, all of whom donated their services to make her wish a reality.

I love this. Often a foster child's life is hectic and lacks stability. So when we come together to help grant these wishes, we're letting 'em know the community is their family, too. We're all in this together, and we want to see them shine as bright as they can.

  • If you'd like to donate to help grant wishes, click HERE.
  • If you know a Minnesota foster child with a wish, click HERE.

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