Did you know that Jason Mraz did some time working as a pickle boy in Minnesota? He did! He has some strong tie's to Minnesota, one of them being a pickle boy at the MN Renaissance Festival!

What is a pickle boy?  Well:

Yes, Jason Mraz, had the remedy for all the folks walking around at the MN Renaissance Festival  who wanted some pickles. That was not him in the video above, but at least you get the picture.

Denis Doyle / Getty Images
Denis Doyle / Getty Images

He told the Star Tribune that he'd trade you dills for bills!  He spoke of how much fun he had being a pickle boy back in the late '90's here in MN.  He is from Virginia, but somehow a friend of his talked him into peddlin' pickles! Years later he wound up in San Diego and started playing to coffee houses there. He has lived his life to date as a jack of all trades sorta.. He even used to build fences! Check out this part of an interview he did for Face Culture:

So how did he wind up being the musical celeb he is today? He talked about it a bit in the above video, but personally I think he just had something to say! The article below is from the Minneapolis Star Tribune, it's a few years old, but he speaks of his time as pickle boy here in our lovely state. I am not certain what kinds of pickles he peddled, were they our MN pickle?  I just do not know. To think, years ago, we coulda been eating pickles from him not even knowing who he was. Pretty cool as a cucumber, eh?


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