This is really cool. The Minnesota Department of Human Services put together a card for people who are deaf or hard of hearing that quickly and clearly fills law enforcement in on the situation. Claire Wilson, the Human Services Assistant Commissioner, said in a press release,

Minnesotans who are deaf and hard of hearing suggested this card, which we are confident can help to reduce significant communications barriers and also increase overall safety for both people with hearing loss and law enforcement.

Deaf and hard of hearing traffic card

What's the card do?

  • It identifies the person as being deaf or hard of hearing and offers a few key communication tips.
  • it shows the best way a law enforcement officer can communicate with the person (could be writing, lip reading, texting).
  • it has graphics the officer can point to when they need certain info, to relate what violation occurred, and what will happen as a next step, such as a warning, ticket or possible arrest.
  • And it has graphics for the driver to point to say, "Hey, I have a flat tire..." or whatever the problem is.

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People who want the traffic card should send an email to with their name, mailing address and county of residence (or email if they want an electronic copy), or call 651-431-5940 voice or 651-964-1514 video phone.

You can also download one here (tho the one you get thru the mail will be laminated).

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