Last week I wrote about different food trucks you can find around the Rochester/Southeast Minnesota area and I totally missed this one! I had no idea this mobile gelato shop existed until the other day. The place is called The Wandering Scoop.

The Wandering Scoop can be found all around Rochester serving up tasty-looking gelato. I mean, just look at it.

Oh. My. GOSH. I'm drooling, that looks so good! Based on their Facebook events it appears they can usually be found at one of our many local breweries but they also show up at other businesses and events too. For example, it looks like they'll be at the Rochester Farmer's Market next weekend.

They also have an Instagram where you can take a look at other drool-worthy gelato pictures and see where they'll be next.

What are other food trucks around the Rochester/Southeast Minnesota area that everyone needs to know about? We have tons of great taco food trucks, some coffee food trucks. If you keep scrolling you'll find my list of different food trucks that you can find out and about in the southeast Minnesota area. Chat with me on our free and let me know if there are others that I missed!

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Also, after you look at all of the delicious food trucks in the area, since The Wandering Scoop makes a lot of stops at local breweries, you can check out a list of all 22 breweries within an hour for Rochester. 22!

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