I can't imagine being a kid and being told I can't go sledding.

Here's the latest in the bubble wrapping of American children...

From ABC News, more and more cities have started banning SLEDDING because they think it's too dangerous for kids.  The latest is Dubuque, Iowa, where a city official said, quote, "We have all kinds of parks with hills... we can't manage the risk."

About 20,000 children go to emergency rooms every year for sledding injuries.  But that's not necessarily the biggest concern for cities; they're more worried about getting sued after a child's injury.

In the past decade, Omaha, Nebraska paid $2 million after a girl was paralyzed when she was sledding and hit a tree... and Sioux City, Iowa paid $2.75 million after a grown man was sledding, hit a sign, and injured his spinal cord.

If you're worried about your kid sledding and your closest park hasn't banned it ,wearing a helmet can help prevent injuries.  And also, sledding down a hill that isn't covered in trees is probably a good idea too.