I guess I'm alright with my first name, "Tom".  Although "Tom" as a name gets kind of a bum rap:  "tomfoolery" "peeping tom" etc.  But it could be worse.  I could have been given one of the following first names.  They're all actual names taken from the Social Security Administration's website.

1.  Zzyzx.  (I'm not sure how it's pronounced but it's the name of a road off the interstate on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.)

2.  Nimrod.  (Simply cruel)

3.  Moo.  (Parents lactose intolerant?)

4.  Lucifer.  (Good luck finding friends, kid.)

5.  Zamzam.  (Hmmm....I kinda like this one!)

6.  Dzyre.   (Laymm)

7.  Jealousy.  (Phonetically, it sounds cool, but, c'mon.)

8.  Bush.   (Son of Tree?)

9.  Kyller.  ("Thanks mom and dad!"

10.  Mc.  (????)

I went to school with Steve Austin, Tom Jones and Stormy Mountain.  What's the craziest name you've run across?  Share your favorites on our Facebook page!