It’s the first question you ask when you’ve hear they made another Fast & Furious movie. Not “Who’s in it?” or “What’s the story this time?” or “What is the silly title of this one?”

Okay, you probably ask that last one too, but the key question you want to know right away is: “What ridiculous stunt do they attempt this time?”

Indeed, no franchise is more closely associated with pleasantly impossible action than Fast & Furious. While the series might have humble roots — 2001’s The Fast and the Furious was really just a Point Break knockoff set in the world of underground street racing rather than surfing — the Fast saga has long since departed the world of indexical reality and journeyed into a realm of pure cinema, where cars can fly and Vin Diesel possess borderline god-like powers.

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This is a feature, not a bug. If you want realism, watch an indie film or a documentary. If you want to see men, women, and vehicles defy the laws of gravity, physics, and common sense go to a Fast & Furious. And with that in mind, we have assembled this list of the franchise’s most ridiculous moments. Some are absolutely the wacky car set pieces that we all love so much. But others are less about action and more about the series’ incredibly convoluted (and, at this point, a little confused) mythology, where characters constantly die and get resurrected, or flip from villain to hero.

So here they, the most ridiculous Fast & Furious moments — at least until, oh I don’t know, aliens arrive on Earth and Dom challenges their leader to a race with pink slips and the fate of the universe on the line. At this point, would you even be surprised to see that happen?

The Most Ridiculous Fast & Furious Moments

This franchise lives its life a quarter mile at a time. But it turns out you can cram a whole lot of lunacy into a quarter mile.
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