But you may be thinking "WAIT!  Did I miss a list of Tracy's Top 5 Gift Suggestions?"

Fear not.

I'm starting this list at #1 so that you don't have to mess around and potentially MISS this great gift idea.

For three or four years in a row, I asked for a heated mattress pad for my Christmas gift, but my husband just wouldn't take the hint.  He was afraid that if *I* was toasty warm then *he* would be too hot.  I tried to assure him that it wouldn't come to that because of this fantastic feature:

Dual controls, baby!

This means he doesn't even have to turn his side on, while my side will keep me snug as a bug in a rug.  After a few nights though, he admitted that the heated mattress pad was the greatest invention God ever put on this earth.

Even my teenage daughter loves hers.  Like me, she cranks it up high half an hour before bedtime so when she hops in bed, it is toasty warm.

So, there it is...buy a heated mattress pad for everyone on your list this year!

******Due to lessons learned the hard way, I have warnings to share.*******

  • If you turn the pad up high before you get in bed, remember to turn it down (or off!) before you fall asleep, or you'll wake up at 2am feeling like poached chicken.
  • Have a care when you hook up the dual controls and make sure they are matched to the correct side of the bed.  Friends of mine got them mixed up and while she patiently waited for her side of the bed to warm up, turning it up higher and higher; he was roasting on his side of the bed, thinking "I'm going to let Tracy have it the next time I see her.  She promised my side wouldn't be hot at all!"  LOL!  If I remember correctly, it took a couple of nights for them to figure it out. (Note the stickers on the controllers in the photo!)