The Home, Vacation, and RV Show is on now. On Sunday, will I have the guts to pull off the prank I've always wanted to? 

It's not a fancy prank, like starting up one of the RV's and trying to drive around Graham Arena. And, yes, I really DO want to do that. Or grabbing a cooler and hanging out at the Thatcher Pool and Spas booth, like I don't know it's inside and still a winter weekend. Complete with flippers on my feet.


Nope... it's a little more simple, but something I've always been afraid to do. Because it's SO dumb, I'll be known forever after as, "The guy that sewed himself into the Kelly's Quality Sewing Center display."

I lean over, let my shirt tail or tie get caught in the machine as they're demonstrating the machine, and wham-o! I'm stuck. Laughs abound, and then scissors come out. At that point, I can cry about how it was my mother's tie, and they can't cut it. Or my mom's shirt. That'd be funnier.

Anyway... I'll be at the Home, Vacation, and RV Show Sunday from 10 Stop by, let me record a video of you telling me your favorite sound of spring, and, if you're lucky, you'll see me right as you walk in. Sewn into Kelly's display, yelling, "Help! No, don't cut it. HELP! No, don't cut it. HELP!!! No, don't cut it."

Be sure to join us for the Townsquare Media Home, Vacation and RV show, presented by Home Solutions Midwest, coming up this weekend! This year will mark the 54th year of the show's existence, and it just gets better and better every year.

Over the past 50+ years, more than a million people have attended the shows – attesting to the popularity and appeal of the wide variety of exhibits and displays. Attendance has increased year after year with folks coming from over 150 communities throughout the area.

If you're looking to find a new vacation destination, purchase an RV, make some improvements or upgrades to your home or just get out of the weekend's expected cold weather, the Rochester Home, Vacation and RV show is the place to be.

Admission to the show and parking are FREE!

Get all the details on the show RIGHT HERE! We hope to see you all there!

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