I was at my sister's today (making humus...yummm-o!), and some kids had been over, so her son's old toys were out. I caught this beauty out of the corner of my eye and a flood of memories came back. 

There's a pretty good chance this is the one I played with. It was a hand-me-down for me, so it being a hand-me-down toy for my nephew isn't such a surprise. But it still works!  All of it!

The car elevator goes up and down, the bell dings, the turntable turns, the stop sign barriers on each level still function. There are  no  cars, but I'm pretty sure that by the time I had it, I used Matchbox cars anyway.

Anyway...what a kick to think my older brother (maybe even brothers) used it, my nephew used it, and now some visiting kids used it. I guess that means it passes the "good toy" test, eh?  If three generations of kids have a blast with it, it's solid!

And the bell dings!

I found a guy demoing it, but he's OBVIOUSLY not a real toy lover because he didn't "drive" the car up to the elevator.

Plus a cool old Fisher-Price commercial (I had the hand-me-down school house with magnetic letters, too!)...