The day began with rhubarb and ended with an out of this world EASY and delicious rice dish recipe (scroll down if you can't wait). 

I started off the day at a friend's house, where rhubarb grows like some folks grow zucchini. It didn't matter if I wanted any, I was leaving with some.  And I did want some, but as I was driving to my sister's house, I realized SHE'D really use it, whereas I'd THINK I was going to use it, and then curse myself every day as it spoiled.

Then, at my sister Joan's house, I checked out the backyard and the bluebells.  I love taking pictures of flowers.

Then, we loaded Calvary Episcopal benches into Joan's truck and hauled 'em down to the church's garden (next time you sit on one of them, look around at all the benches and be impressed we did it in only two trips).

Then I put this much butter into some oven recipe risotto.  Some would say that's a lot of butter.  I'd say that's a lot of deliciousnesss!  When I took it out of the oven, I added roasted peas and carrots, sauteed mushrooms, and 2 cups of cheese.  That looks like this...

Holy moly is it good!