My 11-year-old is already quite the little entrepreneur. Logan knew that the Rochester Chamber of Commerce was going to have a golf tournament at Willow Creek Golf Course which is near our house. So in preparation, he made plans to set up a lemonade stand at the end of our street near one of the holes.

He talked his mom into baking some giant M & M cookies and filling a couple of big jugs with ice cold lemonade. Then he made some signs, set up a folding table and waited to serve his customers. Logan also thought it would be a good idea to try and relate to the Chamber folks by portraying himself as a future businessman and future Chamber member. He even wore a name-tag that said just that.

(Future Chamber member)

My wife and I decided that if he wanted to learn how to be a young business owner, we would teach him a few lessons along the way. First, he would need to repay us the seed money that we gave him to help make change. Then he had to pay us back for the ingredients for the food and lemonade (although we did give him the special mom & dad family discount).

Finally, we suggested that he share a portion of his profits with a charity of his choice. He has a lot of great options to choose from...Sunday School, Channel One, Salvation Army, etc. In the end, he'll make a few bucks, help a worthy cause and learn what it takes to be a successful 'small' businessman.