A shout out to all disc jockeys today! Everyone knows a DJ.

National Disc Jockey Day is all about celebrating the hard working entertainers that have brought energy to dance floors across the world and music into our homes on the radio and, more recently, online.

Respect needs to be paid to disc jockeys of all levels from wedding DJs, to on-air radio DJs to the international superstars of the profession - if you have made people dance by playing music at their function, today is the day to celebrate your talents.

Superstar DJ’ing was born out of the popularity of the Ibiza dance scene and now dance music and DJs are global and the technology has moved way beyond two turntables and a microphone. Today, the term disc jockey includes all forms of music playback, no matter what medium is used.

It’s important to remember the definition of a disc jockey, a person who selects and plays recorded music for an audience. DJs keep people informed of the news, weather and entertainment as well.

So, kudos to all the dedicated and talented disc jockeys out there today!