For those of you not yet aware, every August 2nd is "National Ice Cream Sandwich Day." That's right, it's an "annual holiday!" I'm a big fan of ice cream sandwiches, so I'm pretty pumped up about this. My favorite kind of ice cream sandwiches are those that have ice cream between two cookies - preferably giant chocolate chip cookies!

There are a lot of places here in Rochester to pick up one of these delicious ice cream treats. Where's your favorite place to get an ice cream sandwich? Coldstone? Flapdoodle's? Potbelly Sandwich Company? Maybe the ice cream and cookies combination at The Loop? Or the huge chocolate chip cookie and ice cream served in a skillet at Broadway Pizza? Do those last two count?

Or perhaps you have a favorite "store bought" ice cream sandwich? Is it our locally-produced Kemp's ice cream sandwich? Or maybe something from Blue Bunny Ice Cream in Le Mars, Iowa? Share your thoughts with us here, and we'll see who gets the nod for having Rochester's best ice cream sandwich...

I can tell you, the one this video is about is NOT among my favorite ice cream sandwiches: