Hi! Bo the Research Maven here. James is being silly and doesn't want to post an awesome picture, so I snuck onto his account and I am doing it for him. I figure I can always tell him I'm sorry, right? (LOL!)

Up there, that's Andrew, the star of this video...

He won an O-Bol during Social Ice and his mom says he's lovin' it. His mom says so!


He calls it The Rabe Bowl! This is just so awesome!

James is shy about it because that's how he is. No one would believe it, but yeah, he's quiet sometimes, but he's totally smiling about Andrew calling it the Rabe Bowl. I know it'd embarrass him for me to make it a big deal, but it's cute!

Way to go, Andrew! Not many people can keep James quiet, but you did it. All the internet points to you today.

Sincerely, Bo, the Research Maven of the Early Morning Show.

Please don't fire me.

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