Last weekend, the National Weather Service got the weather forecast for our area wrong. The 2-4 inches of snow we were supposed to get on Saturday night didn’t ever materialize. They went so far as to admit that this winter has been a hard one for them to predict.

Now, according to a story by the BBC, they have admitted that they seem to have missed the mark again. Surprise, surprise! Their latest incorrect prediction revolves around their forecast of the storm that has hit the East Coast. Yes, they got snow. But many areas didn’t get anywhere near what was expected.

For instance, New York City all but shut down as news that as much as three feet of snow could hit there. Instead, less than eight inches fell and the city is back to business as usual.

Is it really any surprise that they were wrong? Seems like a pretty common theme these days. As many weather forecasters have been known to say, weather is an inexact science.

While you're here, enjoy some photos of the super storm that wasn't quite so super for many parts of the region.