There've been a bunch of big comebacks. Shows like Gilmore Girls and Fuller House on Netflix. NBC is bringing back one sitcom from it's "Must-See TV" days!

Last September there was talk about a revival of Will & Grace. Now it's official! All four stars - Erik McCormack, Debra Messing, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally are on board; along with the original creators.

Will & Grace will have a 10-episode limited run on NBC. It could be extended past 10 episodes, depending on how successful the comeback is. It's possible that it will be on the Fall schedule.

It's been a decade since the show was on NBC. Are you excited about this comeback? I'm thinking if a show like this can make a comeback and on a major network - can a Friends revival be far behind?

Here's a preview for the return of Will & Grace:

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