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I'm not sure if my co-workers will ever let me back in the building after they see this.  So, before I tell you what I did I am just going to say I'm sorry.  I've been at home, quarantined because one of my kids was exposed to COVID and, well, I learned about a new app called WOMBO and decided to have a little fun with it.  If you haven't had one of those good belly laughs lately, get ready because that might just happen now.

What is WOMBO?  It's an app where you put a photo in of someone, pick out a song, and it looks like that person in the photo is singing.  You see where this is going now, don't you?!  I miss my co-workers so much that I just had to have some of the on-air hosts serenade me.   

If you scroll through all the videos, you will get a glimpse at a few people I work with and just in case you haven't heard of them, I'll do a little intro.

  • Up first is Dunken on 106.9 KROC and also my boss...who I am guessing I'll now have a meeting with when I am safe from all of the COVID germs.
  • If you haven't met Dunken's newest co-host, this probably isn't the best way, but here is Carly.  This song is awesome because it has a surprise in it!
  • Curt St. John is that voice you hear every morning on Quick Country 96.5.  I know that this song isn't the best and it looks a little...horrible...but it was the only country song available.
  • Every morning when I normally am in the studio, I actually do get serenaded quite often by the guy who sits next to me in the Y-105FM studio.  I've heard James Rabe sing this song in real life and now you can enjoy it too.
  • Another guy that brings fun to the morning in our area is Luke Lonien.  He knows everything there is to know about sports and also is on Fun 104.3 in the morning.

Again...I'm sorry.  Please don't change the locks at work.

I made myself laugh too and created a song with my picture too.  Enjoy!

In case you need a few more laughs today, I've got a few jokes below that will keep those giggles going.

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