A full size what?

My list included a Fisher Price Castle (never got it), a Merlin (never got it), and a new shovel (GOT IT!!!!).

I shouldn't throw shade at my mom tho, she came thru big time one year with a bunch of Star Wars stuff.  That I snooped and found ahead of time. And that made it the saddest Christmas ever, since there were no surprises, and my mom knew I'd snooped...so i got the Christmas Stink Eye!


Don't snoop kids. Let the surprise be a surprise.

No one wants the Christmas Stink Eye.

ps - On the plus side, I played with those Star Wars toys all the time! So, in the long run, my mom must have been happy about the gifts, right? Even if I snooped right? Moms? Really?

pss -  Don't snoop kids. Moms won't get over it. It's like dishonest or something.