This is not a jab at women who have facial hair, this is a real story from ABC News.  

Apparently the latest beauty trend for women is . . . SHAVING YOUR FACE.  Yeah, with a razor and shaving cream and everything.

It's because it's a great way to exfoliate your skin.  One of the reasons men usually develop fewer wrinkles than women is all the shaving . . . by removing your outermost layer of skin, it keeps your skin fresh.

So no, it's not to remove facial hair.  In fact, if you do have a facial hair, beauty experts say you SHOULDN'T shave it because the thick, coarse hair that grows back may look darker and thicker.

Alexis Wolfer is the editor of a women's website called the Beauty Bean.  She says female face shaving, quote, "is definitely getting more mainstream", but it's not totally common yet.

Companies are even selling face razors specifically for women on Amazon . . . if you search for "women face razor" you'll find at least three or four choices.

Now that men are moisturizing and waxing, I guess it's only fair that women can shave their faces.