We have all heard of the water bottle flipping challenge.  In fact, several schools even banned this harmless activity.  Well, now, you have something new to try - Hershey Kiss Flip Challenge.

I was being surrounded by Hershey Kisses.  Huge bags of these scrumptious chocolates were at work.  In the stores, you walk by an aisle and all you smell is chocolate and then you see the little hugs and kisses nearby.

A few weeks ago we were at an event that my daughter helped organize, Clothed in Kindness, and I ended up sitting at a table that was full of the chocolate goodness.  It was that moment that I wondered...

"what would happen if I tried to flip this?"

That is when history was made.

My boys and I challenged each other to see who could get the most Hershey Kisses to flip and land with the flag at the top.  The video shares that story.

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