I don't remember how long it has been since Cook's Pantry closed up, but it sounds like the store taking its spot soon is a huge step up for Rochester fans of cooking.

It's called Figue and will be just a few doors down from Tera Loco behind Apache Mall.  They hope to open later this summer.

What is Figue and what'll the store be like? From their Facebook page...

Figue (pronounced “Fig”) offers a diverse and exciting experience for people who love food. Our philosophy favors form and function with products that are meant to last for decades supporting your evolving adventures as a gardener, a diner and a modern home cook.
Figue offers unique items from Minnesota makers and international artisans, each with a story to tell. It’s where you can find specialty ingredients and top-quality cookware and it’s where you can enjoy learning new skills or connecting with locals and visitors.
Great food is so much more than sustenance - it’s a memory, it’s a discovery, it’s a way of life.

Did you catch the part about learning? There will be classes!

There's a good chance you know the duo putting this store together. Amy Lorber and Linda Lorber (Amy's mom). According to Jeff Kiger at the Rochester Post Bulletin,

Amy Lorber and her mother, Linda Lorber, launched Gardenaire in 2016 to sell infused syrups, spice mixes, flavored “shrub” drink mixers, teas and other organic creations they make mostly from locally grown ingredients from their Rochester garden and elsewhere.

This is a pretty big deal, especially when you consider in early May they opened Le Petit Cafe in the historic Avalon building. No downtime for the Lorbers!

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