Glen Campbell is a musical icon.  I loved his music growing up... “Galveston”, “Wichita Lineman”, “Rhinestone Cowboy" were all favorites of mine.   Glen continued to record and tour right up until recently.   In 2011, Glen was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease by doctors here at the Mayo Clinic.

Rather than go into seclusion and keep a low profile, Glen decided to go public and raise awareness about the disease.  He kept on touring but also invited a documentary crew to follow him as he dealt with and often struggled with the effects of Alzheimer’s.  The result is a fascinating new documentary called “Glen Campbell: I’ll Be Me”.   Dr. Ron Peterson of the Mayo Clinic is featured in the film and in the movie trailer below.

I’ve also included a video of the final song Glen recorded called “I’m Not Gonna Miss You”.   It’s a song that will tug at your heart-strings as the Rhinestone Cowboy rides off into the sunset after entertaining the world for more than half a century.