Do you have what it takes to escape? Get out of the office and be part in the Unraveled Escape Challenge Field Trip with James and Tracy?

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It can be you and your office, you and a bunch of friends, it doesn't matter. Just click HERE and get into the game (all players must be at least 10 years old to participate).

What'll happen? You'll all be locked in a room and have to work as a team to get the heck out of there in 60 minutes. Now, James and Tracy'll be on your team, but if you want to push James into the corner, that' s totally cool. He'll understand.

Do it by Sunday, because on Monday morning James and Tracy will do the drawing and announce it at 8:20 AM!  If it's you, then you and your people will join James and Tracy on March 10 at Unraveled Escape in Rochester. Then, when you're done, James and Tracy'll host your VIP Happy Hour at Wildwood!

PS - If you would love to be a part of this, but you worry about locked doors, don't worry. They'll work with you.

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