Pandemic Pictures has announced the movies that will be playing this month on the drive-in screen at the History Center of Olmsted County. If you've never been to this drive-in you can read what to expect and see the movies that are playing June below.

Where Is The History Center of Olmsted County?

1195 W. Circle Drive SW  You'll see a ticket tent right when you pull in and after buying your ticket you can proceed onto the grounds.

How Early Should I Arrive?

That's up to you. The movies start at sundown, but if you want to pick your spot you might want to go a little earlier.  When I took my family we went at 8:00 PM and our kids played outside until the movie started.

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How Is The Picture?

The screen is huge and the picture was clear.

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How Is The Sound?

Audio from the movie is broadcasted over an FM radio signal so you can listen to it in your car. We sat outside on lawn chairs so I'm not sure how the radio version sounded but the movie audio is also played on speakers set up by the screens. It was easy to hear everything.

Can I Buy Tickets In Advance?

Yes, you can buy tickets online in advance. Below you'll see the movies that are playing this month - if you find one you want to see just click "buy tickets" to jump to the ticket site.

Movies Playing in June at the History Center of Olmsted Co. in Rochester's Drive-In Theater

Drive-In movies are back in Rochester for the summer of 2021. Pandemic Pictures will be showing movies each Friday and Saturday (8PM-11PM) from May through October at the Olmsted Co. History Center in Rochester. Check out the movies that will be playing in June below.


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