The Olmsted County Sheriff's Office is warning of a new scam happening around this area. Here's the statement they put out on their Facebook page:




"We recently received information that a person named "Jim" called an Olmsted County resident informing the resident that he is from Olmsted County Legal Collections. The caller went on to tell our citizen that they would stop by their residence to serve papers or in order to stop the paper service, they could, of course, pay a fee. This is a scam.

Even though this caller sounded official, Olmsted County will send a written notification if you owe the County money for back taxes, unpaid fines or fees, as examples. Olmsted County and the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office will never tell you that we will relinquish a civil paper service if you pay a fee.

In this case, our deputy called the number that was provided and the call, astonishingly, was answered. Our deputy felt that his call was answered in a call center. When our deputy began to ask questions, he was met with hostility and a lack of concrete answers, all followed by the person hanging up on our deputy.

Please be wary of the scam calls as they continue in our County. Do not provide sensitive personal information to people that call you.

We hope that you have a safe and happy 4th of July. Please remember that aerial fireworks are illegal in Minnesota. Fireworks that are sold in our local retail stores are legal in Minnesota. Be safe and thanks for all your support."