New Pringles Chicken and Waffles flavor chips are here and the big question is...are they good? Are they worth your money? Click play and you'll find out.

Thank you to Harmony Sage - She heard Dunken and Samm (on 106.9 KROC) talking about them and happened to see 'em in a store, so bought FOUR tubes. Containers. Cans? Four of them and of course I napped one. As you can clearly see, they were meant for Jessica Williams and me, too!

How do they taste? Watch the video (or scroll wayyyy down to see the answer).

What's the big deal with Chicken and Waffles? I like fried chicken (dark meat only, buddy) and I like waffles. Tasted good...especially the little bits of fried chicken that danced with the maple syrup. Sweet and salty is heaven. But I never crave the taste. Maybe I'm just a weeeeerd-o.

Harmony Sage Tidbit - I've known Harmony since she was 14 and a student at Mayo High School and I was the Lord of the Night. She'd listen to the KROC Top 9 at 9 and call in to count down the top 9 songs of the night (and win a bottle of Dr Pepper!). The first time she called I was pretty sure she was 20...very deep voice with a lot of certainty in it.

We stayed in touch thru the years and now she's a mom with two kids in high school. Time flies.

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