Minneapolis, MN (KROC AM News) - Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman says he will not file criminal charges against the two Minneapolis police officers involved in the November shooting death of Jamar Clark.  

Freeman held a news conference Wednesday morning and laid out the details of the incident, which began when police say the 24-year-old Clark interfered with paramedics.

The two officers became concerned when Clark put his hands in his pockets. Freeman says as one officer struggled with Clark, his handcuffs fell to the ground.

photo courtesy Minnesota News Network

Freeman says Clark and Officer Mark Ringgenberg then fell to the ground. Freeman says the officer felt Clark grab his gun and push into the small of his back. Freeman says Ringgenberg told his partner Officer Dustin Schwarze that Clark had his gun. Freeman says Schwarze told Clark to drop his partner’s gun and that Clark said " I'm ready to die." Freeman says Schwarze then fired his weapon, which failed to discharge the first time. The second time he pulled the trigger, Clark was shot in the head.

Freeman says numerous witnesses told investigators they saw Clark in handcuffs but their statements were contradictory. He also says there were no physical signs that Clark was in handcuffs and that his DNA was found on the officer’s gun and belt.

Tests also found Clark had a blood/alcohol concentration of .09 and traces of THC in his system at the time of his death.

Here is the link to Freeman's website.

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