It's not possible, but there are some swearing Peter Vaughan, from the hit TV series 'Game of Thrones,' was in Rochester last night. Here's the scoop.

Last night, sharp eyes of a co-worker caught what looked just like Peter Vaughan at the American Legion Post #92 in Rochester!

CREDIT: Shannon Turner MacCartney

Check the video above. He looks JUST LIKE Vaughan! Maybe even his doppelganger. But given all we know, could this be the guy that played Maester Aemon in 'Game of Thrones' (in the first, third, fourth, and fifth season - credit gameofthrones.wikia)?

A closer look...

CREDIT: Shannon Turner MacCartney

No, of course it's not. It can't be. Variety reported his passing just last December...

Peter Vaughan of “Game of Thrones” and British sitcom “Porridge” has died. Vaughan “died peacefully with his family around him” Tuesday morning in England, according to his agent, Sally Long-Innes.

But wow, it looks so much like him! I can see why people are saying they saw him last night.