It's 6:30AM, the official temperature is -14 degrees (here at The Manse, where i'm house-sitting, it's -20), and I am certain it is because no one won last night's Powerball. Our collective heart, frozen solid by the disappointment of our long winter being unbroken by sudden wealth and bill-less-ness.

Or not.

What do I know?

Just before the drawing the jackpot was up to $946,000,000, and with no winner, it's up to an estimated $1.4 Billion! The cash value looks like the jackpot from a couple days ago at $806 Million! You could change the world with that kind of cash.

We'll find another way to get everyone involved in a group ticket, but I'm not sure we can top the video we made for the last drawing.

One of the radio stations in the MSP did a funny (and cool) thing...they bought a bunch of Powerball tickets and said that if they won, they'd pay off the taxpayer's portion of the Vikings stadium! With the new jackpot, they could do that, and buy hot dogs for everyone on game day.

One last thing...the signs aren't made for such a big payout....