I get a lot of email and dm's looking for advice. Some, I just respond to, others go on the air and some...like this...I want to make sure everyone sees. Because, seriously, who does this?

Here's the note...

Dear Lord of the Night (yes, I've been listening to you since you did the Top 9 at 9 LOL). I have a problem with my sister. I'll call her Emma. She's getting married in October and she LOVES her bulldogs, so she wants to have them in the wedding. But they’re both pretty nervous dogs so she says she’s going to give ‘em a "doggy downer" to keep the dogs calm. I think this isn't fair to them. They don’t get a say in this…how ‘bout you just don’t have your dogs in the wedding?

OK, up at the top you can hear how everyone that called in disagreed with the idea. I agree with them. There's absolutely no reason to put your dogs in your wedding if they need to be drugged to get thru it.*

Ron Chapple Stock

The dogs will not care if they're in the wedding or not. If they stay home, they won't be less off. "Emma" wants them there, it's 100% for her, and so I really don't get why she'd want to have them there if their natural instinct is to freak out.

*Obviously, this doesn't apply if the dogs were emotional support animals, service dogs, or something like that. I checked back and that's not the case here. She just wants her dogs there, "Because I don't want them to miss my big day."

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