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Southeastern Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the whole Midwest, get more than its fair share of severe thunderstorms, and since they're likely this week, its important to know it's true, you shouldn't shower during a thunderstorm.

Don't Shower During A Thunderstorm Is Bunk, James!

I swear it's a real thing. I used to think it was b-o-l-o-g-n-a, but lightning can travel through plumbing, and do you want to get zapped when you're wet and naked? Of course not.

What Else Do We Need To Know About Lightning?

Stockbyte / ThinkStock
Stockbyte / ThinkStock

I gathered a bunch of safety information about thunderstorms and lightning from the National Weather Service.

Do Not Shower During A Thunderstorm and 23 Other Thunderstorm Safety Tips

Did you know a car with rubber tires is NOT during a thunderstorm? It's true. Scroll on to see all the facts that could save your life. The National Weather Service has all this information at weather.gov.

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