A combine demo derby? Sounds like fun, right? Maybe not. You can be the judge.

I've been to a ton of demo-derbies. Even did color commentary for a few at the Olmsted County Fair. It's a blast. I wish there was more room for the cars to move around, but it doesn't stop 'em from being fun (plus, safety is important).

Now let's think about a combine demo-derby. It sounds like a match made in heaven. Big, expensive machinery smashing into each other. I'm in. Or at least I was until I saw a video from the Brower County Fair's Combine Demo-Derby and I'm having second thoughts.

The lack of room that makes a regular derby competitive and fun makes for very little movement when it comes to huge farm machinery. Check the video and see what you think. (Video courtesy Tiffany Kay from K-98.5 in Waterloo.)

I'm voting for "needs more room to really get smashy."

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