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The numbers are in and even though Minnesota has what seems like an endless amount of breweries and taphouses when push comes to shove, Minnesotans don't drink that much beer.

The latest study from VinePair ranked the states from 1 to 51 (yeah, Washington D.C included) in terms of beer consumed per capita and gallons of beer overall. In both studies, Minnesota finished in the middle of the pack.

While the map shows that the Midwest is undoubtedly the home of the most beer consumption per capita, Minnesota wasn't the state banging its chest and leading the charge. That goes to North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin, who came in ranked at 4th, 5th, and 8th in terms of gallons of ethanol consumed per capita, according to the study.

So, where did Minnesota end up?


Yes, 19th. While it isn't exactly in the center, that is pretty much in the middle of the pack. Michigan and Illinois came in behind Minnesota in the per capita rankings but those states blew the doors off of Minnesota when it comes to total gallons drank. Illinois was ranked 6th and Michigan 9th. Minnesota was 21st.

Utah was dead last in per capita consumption, but that doesn't come as too much of a surprise as the predominantly Mormon state largely abstains from alcohol. It was surprising to see New Hampshire at the top of the list, per capita, but when you lack a tax on alcohol, that might have something to do with it.

So, maybe Minnesotans don't drink as much beer as we all once thought. We might as well sit back, have a beer, and think about this.


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