If you've ever wondered if there’s any good use for an old computer, here’s one.   Apparently they can help fend off bear attacks.

(Getty Images)

It happened to a man in Siberia who was rummaging through some old trash when he was rushed by a bear, according to the Moscow Times.  To fend off the aggressive animal, the man picked up an old computer from the trash heap and hurled it at the bear.  That was enough to scare the beast away and spare the guy from an attack.  Perhaps the bear, like many people, was a technophile.   (If someone tossed an old computer with an outdated operating system like Windows ME or Vista at me, I’d probably run in the other direction too).

By the way, this is not the first time that technology has aided in bear attacks.  Earlier this summer another Russian was able to survive after his phone was turned on as he was being mauled.  The phone’s start-up noise frightened away the animal.  That man suffered a bite to his head but lived.

And in Canada last year, a man held off a bear by turning on his cell phone and showing the bear its lit-up screen.   It was either the light from the screen that chased it away or the bear ran off because he was upset that the man hadn’t upgraded to the latest iPhone version.  Either way, thanks to technology the guy avoided an attack...but just bear-ly.