Michael  Bublé seems to be this generation's Christmas present Spirit, channeling the style and presence of Christmas past.  He is once again hosting a special this Christmas on television.  It will be the 3rd Annual Michael  Bublé  Christmas Special.  His co-stars this year will be cookie monster, who is known to belt out a tune every now and again, Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige.  Will 'Cookie Monster' share his cookies with  Bublé & pals? "Om nom nom nom," said Cookie Monster, backtracking one letter of the alphabet. We will have to wait for the Christmas special to find out if he belts out a B is for Bublé, but he does have a classic notch on his belt.

The special airs on Wednesday, December 18th on NBC.  Enjoy this video of him singing alongside Bing Crosby from a previously aired special.  This was surreal for Bublé, because his very musical roots trace back to Bing Crosby.  With a little computer magic, not only were they able to record a duet together, which Bublé included on his album, but they appeared together in the television show to sing it for a special performance. As a matter of fact, the first time that Bublé's family noticed his talent for singing and performance, was at 13 years of age when they heard him belt out, 'White Christmas' during a car ride.

This year, he gets to hang with a member of the Sesame Street gang, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige which has to be equally as exciting.  He recently spoke to Jay Leno about being a new father, and how he used to dance on the fireplace mantle as a two year old child.


Will Bublé join in on a duet with Mariah?  We will have to wait to find that out also.

Although Cookie Monster may have more in common with Carey, given that they share the same letter, at least the score is evened out, and Bublé shares his letter with Blige.

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