The Jonas Brothers are Coming to Minnesota!

I'm having a fangirl moment right now because I'm one of the biggest Jonas Brothers fans in the world...self-proclaimed...and I just found out that they are coming to Minnesota. Their concert will be on September 11th at Mystic Lake Casino in Prior Lake, Minnesota.

We couldn’t be more excited to officially announce.... WE ARE GOING ON TOUR THIS SUMMER - Jonas Brothers Facebook Page

When do tickets go on sale for Jonas Brothers' concert in Minnesota?

You may want to take the day off on Thursday, May 27th, just to ensure you can grab tickets because that is when you can start grabbing tickets.  The link that you will need to see the Jonas Brothers live in Prior Lake, Minnesota is here.

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How old are the Jonas Brothers?

I am now realizing that I am probably appearing to look more like a stalker than a fan because I just learned how old the Jonas Brothers really are.  I'm *cough* *cough* a few years older than the trio.  Kevin was born in 1987.  Joe was born in 1989.  Nick was born in 1992.

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I felt really old after reading those numbers so I decided to go search out people who were famous who were more "my age".  I found the perfect list!  See what famous actresses were born the same age as you too below!

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