One of Rochester, Minnesota's biggest radio stations officially flipped the switch from your favorites in the 80's, 90's and today to another type of music - Christmas!


Y-105FM in Rochester, Minnesota Now Playing Christmas Music 24/7

As you are wrapping up your Christmas gifts, heading to the store for a few last-minute items, or driving to check out Christmas lights in the area, listen to some of the best Christmas music on Rochester's Christmas Station, Y-105FM!

Rochester's Christmas Station is Back and excited to play your favorites!

You heard the news, right?! Christmas is just around the corner and Rochester's Christmas Station is BACK. Y-105FM is the ONE spot where you can send in your requests to hear your favorite songs and enjoy them all the way until Christmas.

And if you have ANY questions about fun activities, events, or news related to Christmas, we've got you covered! Y-105FM is YOUR Christmas station in Rochester and we do it all - music, events, and have all the news and info for Southeast Minnesota at your fingertips thanks to our website and free app.

Listen live wherever you are, 24/7, for Christmas music that you love on the free Y-105FM app.

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6 Easy Ways That You Can Listen to Y-105FM, Rochester's Christmas Station, for Free!

Rochester's Christmas Station is back on Y105-FM. That means Christmas music is playing 24/7 until 11:59:59 on Christmas night.  Here are a few easy and free ways that you can listen:

Help spread Christmas cheer to everyone you know!

Besides watching the movie "Elf", the best way to spread some Christmas cheer to those you love is by sending them one of the e-cards above. Scroll back through, find one or two that you like and save it on your device.  Then...just send it as a text OR throw it up on your social media.  We DOUBLE DARE you to tag Y-105FM on those posts too and who knows...maybe we've got something fun up our sleeves for people who do.

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Christmas Light Garden
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Add this Christmas light display to your Christmas To-Do List too!

If you are looking for all of the fun Christmas events, our Holiday Guide has a HUGE list of all the fun that is happening in and around the Rochester, Minnesota area.  One of the most amazing light displays ever is on that list and has a few million Christmas lights to enjoy.  Yes...that was "MILLION".  Check out some of the photos below to get a glimpse of the holiday magic that awaits!

Sam's Christmas Village Now Features 12-Million Lights!

For a safe and joyous family outing that's full of festive fun, don't miss out on the opportunity to visit Sam's Christmas Village! You can enjoy this wonderful attraction from November 24th to December 31st, 2023.

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