I'm not sure when I first started finding and watching old wrestling promos from the 80s and early 90s. You know the ones, they featured Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and of course Mr. OOO YEAH himself The Macho Man Randy Savage.

Savage could give a great promo. What came out of his mouth in drips and drags, guttural sounds, was always sure to be pure gold, and of course, he always had some prop in the beginning that he hid and randomly pulled out. If you watch Gene Okerlund in the Macho Man promos, he is always trying not to smile or laugh.

In the promo above, Savage is hiding a small trash bin under his robe, and look at Mean Gene's smirk. I'd lose my edge the minute I'd see Savage. "Gene Okerlund right here is a crying towel". *plops it on his head*

Go ahead and head over to YouTube and fire them up. It's hard to find one that was trash and shouldn't have made TV. Even while promoting his upcoming matches on Arsenio Hall, Savage wouldn't break character.

The man was a true character.

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There is just something about watching the antics of Macho Man Randy Savage on a frigid morning that puts a smile on my face.

I've always wondered if Savage would still be lacing 'em up, or snappin' into a Slim Jim if he were still alive today. Our love for all things retro at times, would almost surely have provided him with something.

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