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To whoever makes decisions about the nasty crows in Rochester, can you please do something...cause whatever you are trying isn't working...and the poop smell is making me gag.

I went out for a brief walk today to grab a little bit of vitamin D and get some fresh air on this gorgeous 30 degree Minnesota winter day.  My walk was amazing - for the first block.  Then, I walked a bit closer to 1st Ave. and almost threw up in my mouth. . Luckily, I've got a mask with me so I threw it on and it was able to hide a bit of the crow poop smell as I was off on my sunny day adventure ...but...

...unfortunately, my enjoyable walk turned into a smorgasbord of crow poop at every turn.  Places people are supposed to be walking, touching, and yes...even sitting were covered in the off-white and black nasty mixture.  I even got photos to prove it.  Now, as you scroll through these...imagine a little bit of throw up, baby poop, a bunch of flem taste in your mouth...because that is similar to what the smell is like.

Does Rochester, Mn have a crow problem? This poop says 'yes'!

Rochester, it's just my opinion but I think it is time to get a little more serious about this 'lil problem we got going on in the med city.  I mean...people come here that are sick.  Visiting our town shouldn't require a barf bag.  #justsayin

Ok.  I'm done...and seriously considering walking in the streets rather than the sidewalks.  Feel free to let me know if you think this crow crap is a bit out of hand too or if you could care less.  Send me a DM to my Facebook page - Jessica On The Radio.

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Since we are in Minnesota, what do we need to survive a winter?  I found this list...but I am including A MASK...to help hide the smells of the crow poop.  

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