As parents, we've taken embarrassing our kids to a whole new level.

The University of Washington found that kids are three times more likely than parents to say there should be rules about what parents can post on social media.

Which is pretty hilarious considering the stuff our kids are posting about themselves on social media.

Can I help it if I'm just a parent who's proud of my cool kids?

I don't post anything that I think my kids would be embarrassed by on social media. I like to share their triumphs, successes and major accomplishments and stories about the cool things they do that I am most proud of as their dad.

Oh, and the duck faces. Those are really cute.

Who's rockin' the duck face better - me or my daughter?

The University of Washington found that's what our kids want us to share. Not the duck faces, but the positive stuff. The good news about our kids and cool photos. Not anything negative or embarrassing, shaming photos.

Which is hilarious, because our kids are sharing a bunch of reminders on social media to clean their room and tidy up the bathroom a little more.

I just wonder if all our kids are going through that phase where anything we do as parents is embarrassing. It wouldn't matter what it is, the mere mention of their name and anything that follows that is embarrassing. It seems to be okay what they post on social media. I know I went through that phase as a teenager with my parents and they didn't have social media. They used a tin can on a string to talk to their friends and tell stories about me.

Do you notice this with your kids, too?

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