I was planning on using this for my open:

"You hear warnings about it, every year parents carefully check Halloween candy for it, and yet, actually finding something dangerous in Halloween candy is so rare, it can be said it just doesn't happen."

But I can't, because it's not true. Poisoning candy? That's rare. Finding foreign objects in Halloween candy? So rare... unless you live in Brainerd!

According to the Brainerd Police Department's Facebook page...

Yesterday at 6:46 am;

*****please use caution if you trick or treated in North Brainerd or Northeast Brainerd!*****

We received a call from someone saying that they found a needle in their child's candy. The reporting party said they had trick or treated in North Brainerd near the hospital and in Northeast Brainerd. Please check you child's candy and report if you find it tampered with!

What about the tampering with poison? Well, apparently 1982 is the year it got bad. According to Snopes, that was the year of the Tylenol poisoning, and poisoning grew at a great rate across the country.

Anyway... the good news is that sure... it happens. But putting sharp objects in candy (like a needle in a Three Musketeers), isn't like poisoning. You're going to find the needle. You won't find the poison.