If you're a parent, there's something happening at Kasson-Mantorville you should know about. And it is something that should happen all over because it increases students' options. What is it? They're building a house. Let me say that again.

KM students are BUILDING A HOUSE!

And area employers looking for skilled labor are excited about it.

According to Jeremy Wright with Harris Companie, "Just look into the trades. Give it a try. If you don’t know what you want to do with your life. Try it out. Options for Debt free education with an almost guaranteed job when you're done. Great pay and only going to get better with lack of trade workers."

What kinda great pay? I know plenty of skilled laborers that owned their own home, paid off their car, were married and had kids and weren't in debt when their classmates were just graduating college.

Does it require work? You bet. Hard work? Sure. Everything worth having takes hard work.

Kudos to KM, this is as impressive as heck.

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