OK, he needs money...and there's a GoFundMe page set up to help him out. It's mostly people paying $5 to promote their businesses, but, there are plenty of people paying $5 just to rip on Kanye!

These were the best I found before I got tired of clicking "next". Oh, I took out the swears and tossed in a replacement phrase. You'll know it when you see it.

--Everyone should send Kanye a yam in the mail with a personalized message on it instead.

--Hey Kanye, Here's $5, please keep me out of your meltdowns and just stop being so creepy. #badblood

--PEOPLE...KEEP YOUR MONEY!!! This $5 is well worth it if I can knock some sense into you. Are you crazy?!

--Instead of giving money to get Kanye out of debt, please instead donate to this campaign: Help Keep Kanye West In Poverty

--www.gofundme.com/as4ppw I just need $1 from everyone willing to help me buy McChickens!

--I would rather give money to the Westboro Baptist Church than this jerkhead crapface.

--Taylor Swift is worth over $200 million and makes $80 million a year. Maybe you shouldn't have been such a jerkhead crapface to her you jerkhead crapface jerkhead crapface

--If one person donates one red cent, they should be punched in the face!

--The world does not owe that no-talent jerkhead crapface clown a living. All he can do is chant in a monotone about jerkhead crapface white girls who want nothing to do with him. Get a JOB, sir!

--Here’s $5 … there’s plenty more where that came from if you’ll let me date Kim.



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