It's a growing trend, and some experts are attributing it to our laziness. Smart doorbells like Ring are being hacked by strangers and by following some fairly simple steps you can prevent someone from accessing your smart doorbell and spying on you like this guy did in Mississippi while telling an 8-year-old he was her 'best friend' and 'Santa Claus'.

(Video Credit: Washington Post)

Some ways to stay safe owning a smart doorbell/camera system:

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication: Enable two-factor authentication in the Ring app from the app’s account settings. This creates an extra layer of security. You’ll receive a unique code via text message to your phone whenever you or someone else attempts to log into your Ring account and is asked for your Ring password.
  • Add Shared Users: Don’t provide your login information to others. If you want to share access to your Ring devices with other people, simply add them as a shared user.
  • Use Different Passwords For Each Account: By using different usernames and passwords on your various accounts, you reduce the risk that a malicious actor could reuse credentials compromised from another account to access your Ring account.
  • Create Strong Passwords: Create strong passwords with a mix of numbers, letters (both uppercase and lowercase), and symbols, and embrace long, non-dictionary based words or phrases.

Ring issued it's own comments on the 'hack' and came to the conclusion that "we have investigated this incident and have no evidence of an unauthorized intrusion or compromise of Ring’s systems or network." You can read more on that here. 

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