I was surfing Craigslist this past weekend and I came across an interesting - or maybe unbelievable - find. There was a listing SELLING the Wisconsin Dells Season Opener passes that our station gave out for FREE this month. And as I looked further, I saw not just one post selling the cards, but three. With prices ranging from $5-$10 each. As of this morning, it looks like only one post is still up.

Seems like a pretty bold move to me! I mean, sure, it offers some great deals. A lot of free and reduced admissions to Dells attractions, deals on area hotels and a ton of other bargains. But to sell something that you got for free? Really?

What do you think about that move?

By the way, all the free ones we had here at the station are gone! They were definitely a hot commodity. If you missed them this year, make sure not to miss them next year. They really are a great deal.

And if you were lucky enough to get some this year, use them! Or share them FREELY with others who will...