The older I get, the more pet peeves I seem to acquire. I really dislike people who drive slow in the 'fast' lane on highways, people who post pictures of their meals on Facebook and people who are so attached to their personal devices that they miss out on real life.

Last weekend I went to a Twins game and the lady in the row in front of me spent the entire game on her smartphone. Why would someone pay $30 for a seat at a major league baseball game just to sit and play Candy Crush or check her Facebook status for three hours? I think the only time she looked up was when a foul ball was headed toward our area. (I made a feeble attempt to catch the ball but would have been just fine if it would have smashed her cellphone or at the very least bopped her in the head).

Another problem I have with technology is when people bring their phones, tablets, laptops or gameboys to the dinner table. It really is sad that as we try to connect to the outside world, we're missing out on an opportunity to connect to the people in our own house. Quite frankly, it needs to stop. That's why I'm actually thrilled that there's now a product out there that has two useful purposes. The 'Pepper Hacker' serves as a pepper cracker for your food and it also can turn off TVs, shut off Wi-Fi and disable mobile devices.

As you can see in the video, at first people are very annoyed by what the 'Pepper Hacker' does but in time they understand that the world doesn't end if you disconnect at least long enough to enjoy dinner and actually have real conversations with people at the table. Now if we can only get someone to create a product that gets slow drivers to move out of the fast lane...